Digital Video Function
BioPac BIOPAC Systems, Inc. manufactures a range of data acquisition and analysis systems for research and education. The modular, powerful interface system can be used with BIOPAC amplifiers and transducers, and existing equipment in your lab. The software is an interactive, intuitive program that lets you instantly view, measure, analyze, and transform data.
DSI Data Sciences International, DSI, is the global leader in providing wireless implantable telemetric devices for monitoring and collecting physiological data from conscious, freely moving laboratory animals. SleepSign for Animal fully supports DSI Dataquest A.R.T. data files. DSI and SleepSign for Animal offer you a powerful telemetry sleep analysis system.
KuoYang KYS Technology Co. Ltd is well known in the fields of life science, behavior and animal research. Besides selling and marketing the product, also providing technical support and training course for the users. Customers can receive advertisements in Chinese and many original newsletters and product information periodically. All of sales representatives have experience in selling products in this field for many years.".
Metris BV Metris BV is a young company located near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The company started in 1999 with the delivery of the LABORAS system, a fully automatic non-invasive animal behaviour analysis system. In 2005 Metris BV introduced the full spectrum ultrasound recording and analysis system SonoTrack. Metris BV will continue to develop unique solutions for pharmaceutical laborarories.
Metris BV Pinnacle Technology, Inc is specialize in wireless, web-enabled, sensor conditioning, data acquisition and biotechnology products.Sleep Sign for Animal supports compatibility of reading Pinacle data of EDF format.

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